Tuesday, 22 October 2013

For First

Helloooooo ... Finally I'm back in this blogging world. I'm sorry for the long absence.I am free of  the busy days lately . And Now I am on the job training. Yeayy.. It's what I wait for all this time. 

It's thrilling yet delightful. The people in the office are very friendly. They always kindly answer my questions and make me feel comfortable. But sometimes I feel so nervous to do the task. I am afraid of doing wrong. Because I think I should give the best impression at first. I hope everything will be okay.

Not too many work to do, because it's not a month yet to be here. Its about 3 weeks and I start to be familiar with the everything here. I can't believe to be here as employee. It's incredible. Love it.

Friday, 31 May 2013

The Nice Songs "My Version"


Suddenly, It's at the end of May already. And I think it's so fast. Sorry for my changeable template. I found desired one recently.

Last night I downloaded a lot of songs. And most of them are Selena's songs. Ya, Selena Gomez. I start loving her songs since I always like the song once I just listened to. I really love her songs.

I love collecting songs because I love singing. I think I can't stand for along time without any song or hum. But it doesn't mean that I have golden voice. It's just a hobby. I'm not choir member or anything like that, I'm just "The singer of Bathroom". 


Some of the songs that I suppose nice are :

I love this song once I listened to. It's one of her songs I have for first. This song is about giving spirit to every woman not to get low self-esteem. And I think other songs are also good, such as "a Year Without Rain", "Love you like a Love Song", etc.

#3 Nikka Costa - First Love
This old song still be easy listening for me. It's about teenager who feels first love. And it's kind of lullaby song I think. Not because of boring but it's just a slow song.

#4 Mariah Carey-Hero
This song is so sweet. And I just love Mariah Carey voice. Calm and breathtaking. Love it.

#5 Westlife
I love Westlife since I was in Junior High School. I love all Westlife songs. One of them is "Close". The other songs are "My Love", "Flying Without Wings", "I Have a Dream", etc.

#6 Tailor Swift
I love her songs from my friend. And it come out that I enjoy  her songs, such as "Fearless", "Speak Now",     "Love Story", "You Belong With Me", etc.  So I decide to collect her songs.

#7 Avril Lavigne
This girl has a lot of nice songs as well. Some of her songs I like listening to are "When You're Gone", "Innocence", "Wish You Were Here".

Those are according to my version. Actually there are many songs I love, And I can't write all. So I'll jot  down them next time.

How about you?
What's your favorite song?

Monday, 20 May 2013

No Rain No Rainbow

"Do you like the downpour?"
"No, because I'm afraid of storm. But, I'm happy when it comes"
"How could it be?"
"Because I love the rainbow aftewards. How about you?"
"I love the rain so much"
"Because it has ever arrested you with me"

There always be obstacles before the happiness. The happiness won't come instanly, but it needs struggles to pass.

~Come through the downpour and get me the rainbow~

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

BEC (Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival) 2

This post relates to the previous one. Just because it's the second event of the Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival.
Something distinguishing them is the theme. The theme of the second one is Re_Barong Using.

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival 2012

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival 2012

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival 2012

It was held on November 18, 2013. 200 Participants joined it and demonstrated their own costumes on catwalk  along 2,5 km.

Re_Barong Osing itself means the participants can make their own styles with the theme provided, however they can't revamp the characteristic of Barong Using itself. The have to notice that their costumes don't deviate from the original one.

The face of Barong is like wolf. It has crown and wings in the right and left side with combination of red, yellow, and green colors. This art is usually showed as  folklore in certain occasional, such as wedding and khitan.

I do agree with the existence of it as the annual event. Because it will make people know about every art in Banyuwangi and the people who have known, will not easily forget it. In other words it will preserve the cultures and develop it to the more stunning arts. I hope the next event would be greater.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

BEC (Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival)

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival is one of chain Banyuwangi anniversary events.This fashion carnival  is premiere on October 22, 2011 with theme Gandrung, Damarwulan, and Kundaran. This event is participated by 300 students all over Banyuwangi. They can mix, match, and modify their own costume to show. Banyuwangi government held this event which aims to preserve native culture Banyuwangi.

The opening of this event was started with performance of 119 Jejer Gandrung Dancers. Then there were damarwulan art performance, and fot the last it was followed by Kanduran art.


Their colorful costumes are beautiful, right? Therefore i think this event can develope everyone's creativity as well. And I really respect to those who paticipated it, because they could smile yet to audience while they brought heavy costume.

But, can you imagine how weight is that costume? Anyhow the participant should prepare not only the mental, but also the health. Because how can it works while they walk along the road as catwalk approximately 3 km to demonstrate it?

My family and I went to see this event. And oh no, there were so many people thronging around the road. Unfortunately, in the middle of the event, it rained. The weather didn't favor it. So we all got soaking wet. However it didn't make us give up. We even watched it until the end.

The participants with their various costumes stayed spirit and spread their smiles. They were so kind too when the people asked to take the pictures together.

At the end of the event, there would be the winner with the most unique cotume. 

Anyhow this event will become the annual event. So, wait for the next post about the next event.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Childhood Dreams

Everybody has ever been child. No matter how old they are right now. Sometimes we thought that being child is happiest peried ever. Children have their own way to do everything they want. They cry, smile, laugh, run, play freely. They don't have any problem to think about such as financial issues, work, task, and many others.

Other than it, they have dreams. The dreams in their fingers gap make them vibrant to catch their dreams. So do I, I also have that one.

✿ When I was a child I used to watch love story, just like Princess story and Barbie ( Although I still do it). I want to have happy ending story as the prince and princess do.


Rapunzel is the most favorite one of mine. I really like it. She had magic brush to make her pinting become real. I want to have that one. Have you ever watched it?


I don't know why I always find the tree house comfortable to have and play up there. If only my father could  make her own house, I would  ask him to have one for me.

I used to watch tv program about music and children program where child artist performed in it. They were beutiful and cute with their pretty dresses. But, something catching my eyes was my favorite singer boot. She used to wear shoes like the boot below. And I wanna have one. But, I don't have it until now. My father may thinks that I'm not kind of Major of drumband who will participated the spesial event. And I just think that Indonesia is sort of tropic country, no one even wears it for daily.  

I love to sing indian song when I was in elementary school. Those songs were really booming here at that times. I also love the way Indian girl wear her sari. And I wanted to be singer just like Indian singer at that times. hehe Therefore I have many indian music cassettess in my house.


Those are the most memorable dreams of mine when I was child. They may be absurd, but they will be real if you strive.

Everyone has dreams. Every dreams look forward us to reach. They hover in the sky with sparkles, just like the stars.

What's your dream when you were child?

International Surfing Competition

Hello . . .
Is there anybody who loves surfing? If you do, you might like it. International Surfing Competition.

This competition is held by Banyuwangi Government and presented by Blue Fin Surf Shop & Surf Factory. Its location  is in Red Island, Banyuwangi (Pulau Merah) and opened Internationally on  May  24-26. This competition have special purpose to promote Red Island as one of tourist destination in Banyuwangi.

Surfers from eight countries have been registered to join it, such as  Australia, Amerika, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, dan Germany, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, French, Austria, Netherlands dan South Africa, Puerto Rico, Spin, and Japan. This competition will be devided into three categories : local, national, and international.

On May 17, the participants are given the chance to try surfing for learning the field.


In the night after competition, there will be concert by  DJ and three groups of music band. Rescue Rockability, Congrad Good Vibration, and Steven Jam also enliven this event.

So, are you interested?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Pulau Komodo


How are you all? I hope you all are well and have great spirit in this day. Today I will tell you about Pulau Komodo (Komodo Island).

This island is located in Nusa Tenggara Archipelago and part of Komodo National Park. This park covers  Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, and other small islands. Komodo island itself was named by Dutchman. 

When you heard komodo you will imagine that this island would be full of komodo. This island exactly becomes pristine habitat of komodo (Varanus komodoensis). There are over 2500 komodos here, which are rare. This giant lizard is one of ancient animals which is first found in 1910. You can see it close with tour guide there. But not only komodo lived here, but also many kinds of flora and fauna, such as sterculia oblongata and Caesalpinia sappan L as florawhich have some benefits to use. The other fauna are horse, wild bull, ape, snake, and diverse birds. 


We often see the beach which has either brown or white color. But, in this beach we'll find pink sand, one of only seven in the world. The pink sand is a mixture of white and red sand. The color red itself came from a broken red coral fragments. Fantastic, right?

pink beach

Other than it, this island has also beautiful marine life, just like Taman Laut Bunaken. This island has a blend of Asian and Australian fauna. There are 253 species of coral, 70 species of sponge, and 1.000 species of fish. There are also  dugong, sharks, 14 species of whale, dolphin, and turtle live here.

marine life
No wonder , this island has been included into 7 wonders in the world. Moreover, it was claimed as a World Heritage Site and Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986.

So, do you want to visit this one?

Friday, 3 May 2013

Taman Laut Bunaken

Hello everyone,
In my previous posts I used to write about everything in Banyuwangi, since I live there. But, at this time, I will  not do that. Cause I don't  want you all bored. Many other beutiful places need to visit, one of them is Bunaken National Marine Park (Taman Nasional Laut Bunaken).

Bunaken National Marine Park is one of attractive places to come to. Its beautiful marine life can make the divers stand for a long time under the sea to enjoy diverse corals and other sea occupants. It can be the healer for those who get bored disease. 


This National park was established in 1991 and one of the first marine park in the world, which is in Manado Bay, North Sulawesi. Bunaken National Park itself is devided into two parts, the southern and the northern part. The northern part covers  five island (Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain, Siladen),  Molas-Wori costal area. And the sourthern part covers Arakan-Wawontulap coastal area. So, other than diving, you can explore the island as well, either by foot or boat. And another way you can also rent submarine with the glass wall, which is definitely more expensive, to enjoy the beuty of undersea life.

The colorful coral and fish pamper your eye and  you will not want to go up to the shore. You can even feel to be mermaid for a while, swimming with the fish and flow of waves. You can also observe marine life closer. It's such an awesome thing to do. And it is proper place for divers and underwater photographer. You can take the awesome pictures to immortalize the memorable occasion, even buy marine craft for souvenir. If you hungry after the exploration, there are some of cafes and  restaurant along Manado and it's archipelago, with their typical food, such as sea food, Manado porridge, foods made from coconut.

I never go there, but I has a desire to step my food there. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tari Jejer Gandrung

When I was in Kindergarten, I joined the traditional dancing course. I learned to dance Jejer Gandrung.  It was very exciting since there were bunch of friends who joined it. Other than learning dance, I can make a lot of new friends too. And when there was a dancing competition, I was followed by my teacher. I was so excited at that time. And after that, I not only learn Jejer Gandrung Dancer, but also Punjari Dance.


Jejer Gandrung dance is traditional dance from Banyuwangi. Jejer Gandrung itself is from local language in Banyuwangi (Osing language). Jejer means a show, gandrung means happiness. And sometimes other people  mean it "Desperately in love". This dance actually is dedicated to be grateful for crops, or we can say as thanksgiving to Dewi Sri, Goddess of paddy . But nowadays it's usually performed on certain occasions, such as wedding, khitan, pethik laut, and to greet guest or tourist coming to Banyuwangi.

This dance become mascot for the sunrise city, Banyuwangi. There are bunch of billboard and statue shaped Gandrung dancer in this town. You can find diverse souvenirs shaped it too. Moreover, Banyuwangi is well-known as Gandrung city as well.

Last year, I watched  Gandrung Sewu Festival (thousand gandrung Festival) in Boom Beach. Unfortunately I didn't take any picture since it was so crowded.  


I am excited having chance to learn dancing. Unfortunately I had not done it anymore since I was in Junior High School. *So sad. And the last time I dance jejer gandrung is when there would be carnival on Independence day. I was in Senior High school that time. Hope someday I'll have opportunity to dance again.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Short Trip to Bomo Beach

Yesterday when I was taking a rest in my room, I heard someone calling me. I got up and came toward the voice. I still tried to gather all my power. Until I knew someone calling me was my auntie. She told me that she would go to the beach. And I was invited.  It's about 4:30 a.m. It just took no more than 30 minutes to reach it, Bomo Beach.

Having arrived, I just knew that there was not only me, but also my other cousins, auntie, and uncle . Because the others had come first. My little sister, my cousins, and my uncles taking a bath and playing the water there since the tide started to be low. But, my aunties and I were not. They waited for the fish to be ready to eat. I just enjoyed the scenery and took some pictures.

There were many boats around the beach. Those were used by fishermen to catch the fish in the night. And some stalls sold roasted fish in the seaside. We could choose the fish we wanted, and the seller would roast it with the flavors. We could do other activities to wait for it.

Actually there was a fishpond by the beach. It was usually used for fishing. But, we were not fishing. Because the purpose of going there was not to it. 

Shortly the roasted fish wes ready. And we ate together in the seaside. We could both eating  and enjoying the scenery. Actually I have gone to this beach at many times, since it is nearby my house. But going to interseting place with family is always exciting. After eating the roasted fish, we went home. I came to house about 5 p.m.  It was short trip, but we were so excited.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

I love Kebaya


This picture below was taken when I attendend the high school graduation. It was about 2 years ago. I will not tell about my graduation, but what I wore. Since it's formal event, my friends and I wore Kebaya

Kebaya is typical clothing which originates from Indonesia. It is worn by women and usually in the formal event, such as wedding, graduation, etc . It is usually worn with batik as a bottom. It is sometimes made from sheer material such as silk, thin cotton or semi-transparent nylon orpolyester, adorned with brocade or floral pattern embroidery. Kebaya has diverse style. It depend on necessary and event.

I wore cream-colored kebaya with golden lace tied around the waist. It resembles to balinese kebaya. It always match with hair style like bun. But it's just a simple style of kebaya. On the wedding kebaya, it is more complex. Kebaya has diverse patterns on it. 

Anyhow, I love wearing kebaya. It looks elegant. And it is simple to use.

Do you have experience wearing kebaya?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sukamade Beach


Have you ever gone to awesome place and done some exciting activities? Just like relieving fatigue as well as studying. If you haven't, you might like this. Sukamade beach.


Why? You don't need to go to zoo for looking turtle. Just go to Sukamade beach and you will. Sukamade is protected forest planted rubber, coffe, and cocoa plantation, as well as turtle conservation  When night comes you'll find the turtles come along the beach and lay their eggs. We can see the process directly. And don't want to miss this moment. 



Sukamade beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park. And it includes in row of south coast, no wonder we can surf here. In addition the mangrove near the beach enhance the attractiveness.

All we can do here are observation of laying-turtle, bird catching, rafflesia obseravation, camping, riding cano, and surfing. The diserve and varied bird will enhance the scenery. We can do plenty of exciting activities.

This beach is in both town Banyuwangi and jember, East java, Indonesia. It means that it is close to Red Island beach and Green BaySukamade can be approached from Banyuwangi to the northwest or from Jember to the north-east.

Do you want to go there?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ijen Crater

Hello everyone,

Today something catching my mind to write is Ijen crater. Indonesian called it Kawah Ijen. The crater is in  Ijen volcano. Again and again it is in my hometown, Banyuwangi. My sister get used to blabbing about this one. Because this crater has wonderful scenery to visit.

Just a little story, I've ever been bothered by my friend room's smell. it smelled weird. Then, she told me that that weird smell came out from the some unique scluptures made from brimstone, shaped various kinds of animal. And she said she got it from Ijen crater. He bought it from the souvenir shop. Those souvenir are so cute, but It's better to put them in the place with good air turnover. So the smell will not bother anyone's nose.

Back to the Ijen crater, as mentioned, it has a one-kilometer-wide turquoise-colored acid crater lake. Actually Ijen crater is in the frontier of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. So, it can be reached from both Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. We can see a lot of sulfur miners who climb and go down the crater. They carry the yellowish stone on their basket by walking.


 FYI, the principal attraction of Ijen is the large crater lake that has much sulfur, which lies hidden between sheer walls of deeply furrowed rock at more than 200 meters. Moreover, it has blue fire phenomenon that there are only two in the world. And that blue fire can only be seen clearly in the dawn. After the dawn, sunrise is amazing as well. It's perfect!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pulau Merah


I just realized that there are many beautiful places in my hometown. And since it is located in eaternmost of East Java it has a lots of beach.. But I didn't go to all that place yet. Therefore, today I'd like to write about the place I've ever visited. That's it, Pulau Merah Beach.


In English, Pulau Merah means "Red Island". I don't know why it is named like that. But there are two faith about it. Several said that it's named like that because it has reddish colored sand, and the others said that the island emitted the red light formerly.

This place has typical scenery, that's an island fulfilled by plants and the trees. When the tide is low, we can walk to the island. But if it is not, we can go toward the island by hiring the boat. In addition, the beach surrounded by Pandanus tectorius ( Pandanus tree growing at the beach).


It's located in Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It's about 60 km from the downtown.  It means that this beach is not too far from Teluk Hijau Beach.

It won't make us regret. When the sun goes down, the sky turns into golden. That increases the beauty of this beach. It's so fabulous, right?

To the eastern of Pulau Merah beach, we will look the range of mountain. It is so perfect beach.

What's your opinion about this beach?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Teluk Hijau


It's been a long time since my last post. I had no idea to fill this new blog. But now, as my blog title mentioned, "me, them, and everything around me", I have new notion. Since I live in Indonesia, I will write everything around it.

Well, I have a long long holiday now. And when anybody has a holiday, they definitely think somewhere to visit. And somewhere I interested in is "Teluk Hijau", or we can say "Green Bay". Yet, the local residents call it "Teluk Ijo".  I never go there, but I wish I will.


This beautiful beach is exactly located in Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. Nevertheless, this beach is excluded and still unknown by many people. So, the scenery is pure yet. The way to reach is bumpy and a little hard. It would rather walk than ride vehicle to reach it. But the beautiful scenery will pay for that. 

It has green blue sea with beautiful scenery. The colorful coral add the beauty. And the soft white sand has it's self attraction. There is waterfall near to it. Moreover, this place near to others beautiful place, such as Rajegwesi beach and Sukamade beach. We will have interesting travelling to do.

that's wonderful place, isn't it? Are you interested in visiting that?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Is It Necessary to Wear Make Up?

Long time no see. I have no idea to post any writing lately. Even I forget the last time I wrote the post. Because I do my real life by writing short story. I give it  a try to fill my holiday by doing something positive.  [just ignore my trivia] 

Make up is always related with women. They look  good  and selfconfident in it.  But Lately I know that korean actor also wear make up. But, it must be different with women's make up. 

When I was a child I used to think that all women must wear the make up. I mean when someone grows up, she definitely will wear make up just like others.  Formerly I wondered, Why do women wear make up? Is it a must? Because I wore make up, when I joined a carnival only or something formal that make it compulsory. 

And now I have grown up. I'm not a child like I was. I can feel consciously that I'm young adult right now. altho my cousin always say that I am not proper yet to be young adult. I may be cute. [keep positive thinking] 

By feeling as young young adult, I start to think the reason of wearing make up :

 By wearing make up, we look elegant and more pretty
              That's the reason why women wear make up for coming to special or prticular event.
 Make up can cover imperfectness
              Touch of make up will conceal imperfectness like acne scar, dark complexion, slanting eyes, etc.
              But never forget that it's not magic wand. So everything it does, it won't bring in best result instanly.

  Make up reflects someone's personality
               Each woman will have any different style with others at times. It is caused by their different  
               personality. Feminine women usually love girly color, like pink, purple or other bright colors. And 
               it's different with tomboy women, active women, etc.

Maybe actually they have more reason to do that. I just turned out my mind. And I just realized that I'm a lazy girl. I have no ability to do something like other woman. I used it for play and have fun with my sisters at times, then erase it. But I think make up is a choice. It's not a must to wear that. We sometimes think that make up means covering the face with something thick and prominent. But, it's not. We just have to make it looks natural and pretty good.

In addition, make up isn't the most important one. We also have care the health. It can be done by notice make up product we used. Because, healthy equals beauty.

So, what do you think about make up??



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