Friday, 10 May 2013

International Surfing Competition

Hello . . .
Is there anybody who loves surfing? If you do, you might like it. International Surfing Competition.

This competition is held by Banyuwangi Government and presented by Blue Fin Surf Shop & Surf Factory. Its location  is in Red Island, Banyuwangi (Pulau Merah) and opened Internationally on  May  24-26. This competition have special purpose to promote Red Island as one of tourist destination in Banyuwangi.

Surfers from eight countries have been registered to join it, such as  Australia, Amerika, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, dan Germany, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, French, Austria, Netherlands dan South Africa, Puerto Rico, Spin, and Japan. This competition will be devided into three categories : local, national, and international.

On May 17, the participants are given the chance to try surfing for learning the field.


In the night after competition, there will be concert by  DJ and three groups of music band. Rescue Rockability, Congrad Good Vibration, and Steven Jam also enliven this event.

So, are you interested?

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