Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Is It Necessary to Wear Make Up?

Long time no see. I have no idea to post any writing lately. Even I forget the last time I wrote the post. Because I do my real life by writing short story. I give it  a try to fill my holiday by doing something positive.  [just ignore my trivia] 

Make up is always related with women. They look  good  and selfconfident in it.  But Lately I know that korean actor also wear make up. But, it must be different with women's make up. 

When I was a child I used to think that all women must wear the make up. I mean when someone grows up, she definitely will wear make up just like others.  Formerly I wondered, Why do women wear make up? Is it a must? Because I wore make up, when I joined a carnival only or something formal that make it compulsory. 

And now I have grown up. I'm not a child like I was. I can feel consciously that I'm young adult right now. altho my cousin always say that I am not proper yet to be young adult. I may be cute. [keep positive thinking] 

By feeling as young young adult, I start to think the reason of wearing make up :

 By wearing make up, we look elegant and more pretty
              That's the reason why women wear make up for coming to special or prticular event.
 Make up can cover imperfectness
              Touch of make up will conceal imperfectness like acne scar, dark complexion, slanting eyes, etc.
              But never forget that it's not magic wand. So everything it does, it won't bring in best result instanly.

  Make up reflects someone's personality
               Each woman will have any different style with others at times. It is caused by their different  
               personality. Feminine women usually love girly color, like pink, purple or other bright colors. And 
               it's different with tomboy women, active women, etc.

Maybe actually they have more reason to do that. I just turned out my mind. And I just realized that I'm a lazy girl. I have no ability to do something like other woman. I used it for play and have fun with my sisters at times, then erase it. But I think make up is a choice. It's not a must to wear that. We sometimes think that make up means covering the face with something thick and prominent. But, it's not. We just have to make it looks natural and pretty good.

In addition, make up isn't the most important one. We also have care the health. It can be done by notice make up product we used. Because, healthy equals beauty.

So, what do you think about make up??

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