Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tari Jejer Gandrung

When I was in Kindergarten, I joined the traditional dancing course. I learned to dance Jejer Gandrung.  It was very exciting since there were bunch of friends who joined it. Other than learning dance, I can make a lot of new friends too. And when there was a dancing competition, I was followed by my teacher. I was so excited at that time. And after that, I not only learn Jejer Gandrung Dancer, but also Punjari Dance.


Jejer Gandrung dance is traditional dance from Banyuwangi. Jejer Gandrung itself is from local language in Banyuwangi (Osing language). Jejer means a show, gandrung means happiness. And sometimes other people  mean it "Desperately in love". This dance actually is dedicated to be grateful for crops, or we can say as thanksgiving to Dewi Sri, Goddess of paddy . But nowadays it's usually performed on certain occasions, such as wedding, khitan, pethik laut, and to greet guest or tourist coming to Banyuwangi.

This dance become mascot for the sunrise city, Banyuwangi. There are bunch of billboard and statue shaped Gandrung dancer in this town. You can find diverse souvenirs shaped it too. Moreover, Banyuwangi is well-known as Gandrung city as well.

Last year, I watched  Gandrung Sewu Festival (thousand gandrung Festival) in Boom Beach. Unfortunately I didn't take any picture since it was so crowded.  


I am excited having chance to learn dancing. Unfortunately I had not done it anymore since I was in Junior High School. *So sad. And the last time I dance jejer gandrung is when there would be carnival on Independence day. I was in Senior High school that time. Hope someday I'll have opportunity to dance again.


  1. it seems like a wonderful should definitely keep in touch with the dance..Isnt there a group that you could go to for dancing?

  2. this is super! such a sophisticated event and exhibition!
    i stay here, love your space

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Here's hoping you get the opportunity to dance again - dreams do come true.

  4. never seen that style of dance before

  5. Thanks for sharing, hope you get to dance again.

    I love the costumes.


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