Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pulau Merah


I just realized that there are many beautiful places in my hometown. And since it is located in eaternmost of East Java it has a lots of beach.. But I didn't go to all that place yet. Therefore, today I'd like to write about the place I've ever visited. That's it, Pulau Merah Beach.


In English, Pulau Merah means "Red Island". I don't know why it is named like that. But there are two faith about it. Several said that it's named like that because it has reddish colored sand, and the others said that the island emitted the red light formerly.

This place has typical scenery, that's an island fulfilled by plants and the trees. When the tide is low, we can walk to the island. But if it is not, we can go toward the island by hiring the boat. In addition, the beach surrounded by Pandanus tectorius ( Pandanus tree growing at the beach).


It's located in Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It's about 60 km from the downtown.  It means that this beach is not too far from Teluk Hijau Beach.

It won't make us regret. When the sun goes down, the sky turns into golden. That increases the beauty of this beach. It's so fabulous, right?

To the eastern of Pulau Merah beach, we will look the range of mountain. It is so perfect beach.

What's your opinion about this beach?


  1. wow !! those are lovely photographs there!! your hometown is absolutely breathtaking!!

  2. Now that's nice, lovely photos. I'd like to go there.

    1. Hope you will, Michelle
      It won't be disappointing

  3. My dear happy child,
    You didn't inform me about this new blog. Just followed it....Breath taking pictures, very nice...just loved it. :)
    All the Best! :)

  4. so sorry, Aunt Mary
    I made it since my previous blog had a little error

    thank you

  5. Hello, I am going to be in Indonesia in June and am considering spending a few days at pulau merah. I will be there with my girlfriend (we are both from Canada) and wanted to know if she can wear a normal bikini to swim/surf there or would this offend locals?

    Thanks for the advice!



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