Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sukamade Beach


Have you ever gone to awesome place and done some exciting activities? Just like relieving fatigue as well as studying. If you haven't, you might like this. Sukamade beach.


Why? You don't need to go to zoo for looking turtle. Just go to Sukamade beach and you will. Sukamade is protected forest planted rubber, coffe, and cocoa plantation, as well as turtle conservation  When night comes you'll find the turtles come along the beach and lay their eggs. We can see the process directly. And don't want to miss this moment. 



Sukamade beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park. And it includes in row of south coast, no wonder we can surf here. In addition the mangrove near the beach enhance the attractiveness.

All we can do here are observation of laying-turtle, bird catching, rafflesia obseravation, camping, riding cano, and surfing. The diserve and varied bird will enhance the scenery. We can do plenty of exciting activities.

This beach is in both town Banyuwangi and jember, East java, Indonesia. It means that it is close to Red Island beach and Green BaySukamade can be approached from Banyuwangi to the northwest or from Jember to the north-east.

Do you want to go there?


  1. wow! you live in paradise!! did you know that, okta??

  2. Nice to meet you and thanks for following! I've only been to Jakarta few years ago! Aside from the well known beaches in Bali I never knew about Sukamade Beach till read your blog. Btw, I wrote about a beach in Penang, Malaysia I've recently visited. You may check it out @ http://immtherandom-ista.blogspot.com/2013/04/an-affair-with-mother-nature-pantai.html


    1. This beach isn't in Bali, Rachael
      It's in Banyuwangi, my hometown.

      Thx for following

  3. icic...Banyuwangi? Actually I never heard of it but your hometown certainly has a nice name! At least now I know another place in Indonesia besides Bali, Medan, Jakarta, Sumatra, Java, Mataram & Kalimantan!

    Thanks for sharing and welcome.


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