Friday, 14 November 2014

New Experience

Hello.. Finally I'm back from the long long absence. I was busied by the new job. Hmm.. I'm happy anyway. Although it makes me stay  far from my family, I feel enjoying the plot. This is the part of my story I think, And this is the sequel of mommy's child.:D Yaa, sometimes I feel so blessed, because I can explore the world I've never known before, with everything is new absolutely.
Bandung. Now I stay in this city. I feel lucky to stay here. Everything is completely available here. This city provides both  physical and spiritual needs. Not only product for supporting you guys for being stylish, but also a beautiful landscape you can get here. Sounds fun, huh?  Besides, so many delicious foods are available here. I don't try all of those yet, since I spent my time in office mostly. And I can go out to explore this city on weekend only.

At first, I felt so clumsy, since the origin has different vernacular from mine. And I am not really familiar with the local food. But at least, the people are so friendly. And I have to learn everything they are accustomed to, so that I can go well.

Actually I live here all alone. My mom's friends are here. Two women that I don't know so far. And my uncle's friend also stay for not raally far, about an hour to my boarding house. Since seven months ago I've gone home twice. And hanging out at some places in Bandung. I will tell you later. But There are many places I haven't visited yet, so I will.

I hope I can explore all the place in this city. And I'll tell you.



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