Friday, 31 May 2013

The Nice Songs "My Version"


Suddenly, It's at the end of May already. And I think it's so fast. Sorry for my changeable template. I found desired one recently.

Last night I downloaded a lot of songs. And most of them are Selena's songs. Ya, Selena Gomez. I start loving her songs since I always like the song once I just listened to. I really love her songs.

I love collecting songs because I love singing. I think I can't stand for along time without any song or hum. But it doesn't mean that I have golden voice. It's just a hobby. I'm not choir member or anything like that, I'm just "The singer of Bathroom". 


Some of the songs that I suppose nice are :

I love this song once I listened to. It's one of her songs I have for first. This song is about giving spirit to every woman not to get low self-esteem. And I think other songs are also good, such as "a Year Without Rain", "Love you like a Love Song", etc.

#3 Nikka Costa - First Love
This old song still be easy listening for me. It's about teenager who feels first love. And it's kind of lullaby song I think. Not because of boring but it's just a slow song.

#4 Mariah Carey-Hero
This song is so sweet. And I just love Mariah Carey voice. Calm and breathtaking. Love it.

#5 Westlife
I love Westlife since I was in Junior High School. I love all Westlife songs. One of them is "Close". The other songs are "My Love", "Flying Without Wings", "I Have a Dream", etc.

#6 Tailor Swift
I love her songs from my friend. And it come out that I enjoy  her songs, such as "Fearless", "Speak Now",     "Love Story", "You Belong With Me", etc.  So I decide to collect her songs.

#7 Avril Lavigne
This girl has a lot of nice songs as well. Some of her songs I like listening to are "When You're Gone", "Innocence", "Wish You Were Here".

Those are according to my version. Actually there are many songs I love, And I can't write all. So I'll jot  down them next time.

How about you?
What's your favorite song?


  1. Great selection, thanks for sharing. Though I couldn't hit the right note (I'm totally tone death) if my life depended on it I also love to sing or as my husband lovingly says make one heck of an awful noise.

  2. A very nice collection indeed ,I like who says :)


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