Friday, 1 March 2013

March Plans


Time run fast.
I can block it up.
Finally time left February passed by.

It has been 1st March today.
It means new month, new look, and new spirit.

New look??Ew . . .  I still can't imagine how it will be. 
I start to be feminine anyway.

In this month I have some plans.
Hopefully it will work.

✿ I always intent to write short story, but it doesn't end succesfully.
    But now I'll do it.
    All I need is focus.

✿ Next Sunday I mean to bicycle with my sisters.
    We'll go to beach.
    We plan to see  a sunrise
    I hope it doesn't fail anymore.


✿ I wanna be such a diligent girl.
    Sometimes I did it, but I when I have good mood that nice habit perish easily.
    It always doesn't  go constant.
    And I'll strive to do that constantly.

✿ Learning to cook new recipe.
    I love cooking.
    But, so far I still try to cook an easy recipe.
    I'll ask either my mom or Mr. Google and try it soon.

That's all I'm thinking now. Hopefully it will work fluently.


  1. it's hard to believe march is here already

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