Tuesday, 26 February 2013


How  are you today?
I hope that you all are good.

Today I'm going to talk about batik.
Have you ever heard about Batik?

All of Indonesian people must have known about it.
And maybe just a little foreign ever heard.

Ok fine, I'll tell.
Batik is cloth from Indonesia.

it's manually painted by Indonesian people.


Batik has a lots of motif.

Besides, batik has a various kind, such as batik tulis, batik lukis, and soon.

And it depends on its technique of  manufacture and its region of origin.

Batik has its own history.

I live in small town in Indonesia, named Banyuwangi.
And it has its own kind of Batik.
We called it Gajah oling.

my sister wearing batik dress in formal event  
me with batik two years ago

Batik I wore and my sister wore have different motif, because it has diferent type.

Batik wore my sister is Batik Gajah Oling.

each kind of  batik has its own motif.

Formerly batik only wore on formal event, but nowadays it is wore in every agenda.
Batik is wore at meeting, marriage ceremony, and the other formal event before.
In addition until now it is wore by traditional dancer or singer, such as jejer gandrung dancer (a dance from Banyuwangi, Indonesia).

jejer gandrung dance

Lately a lot of people wore batik for taking a walk or just hanging out with friends.
It's everlasting fashion for Indonesian.

does it look trendy?? or ancient piece?

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  1. Hi Desah

    Yes, I know batik, first learned about it at school many years ago.

    It is trendy.


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